Programs for Adolescent Girls in Niger

Perlman D, Adamu F, Cao D, Male C, Wodon Q
The Health, Nutrition and Population Knowledge Briefs of the World Bank. Oct 2015.
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Adolescent girls are at risk of marrying and having a child early, dropping out of school, and being left in a situation where they have few options for productive employment, especially in the years following marriage. Interventions to support adolescent girls have been identified in the literature, but not all interventions are as promising in specific cultural contexts (in this brief, given the context of Niger, we use the term “early” as opposed to “child” marriage). In order to assess which interventions could be more beneficial in a given country, empirical work must be undertaken to understand why girls marry early and how the practice could be reduced by providing viable alternatives to early marriage. Ideally, such work should combine quantitative and qualitative research. This brief summarizes work carried out in Niger to suggest specific interventions that could benefit adolescent girls, especially those living in rural or poorer areas of the country.